Our Story


Nick and Steven, founders of King of Pops, had just finished a long season of slinging pops in the hot Atlanta sun. It was now dreary and cold in ATL, so they made their way to Los Angeles to visit family and friends while getting some much-needed R&R.

In the midst of a long thumb twiddling session with a random college football bowl game playing in the background, they heard a knock at the door. Moments later, a surfer elf named Tinsel entered the room carrying a small, potted Christmas tree. He helped get the tree situated, said his goodbyes and left their lives forever. At the same time, Nick and Steven looked at each other, knowing that Tinsel would have a lasting impact on their then idle winters.

Nick was the first to verbalize it and for the next several hours they discussed how fun/perfect/amazing this Christmas Tree delivery concept would be in Atlanta. It would give them a way to hire their friends for a few more days of work, make King of Pops’ long term goal of running a local farm more viable, and provide an eco-friendly and EASY alternative to the trees that get tossed to the street each year after Christmas.

Also- who doesn’t love to dress up as an elf?

In their inaugural season of Christmas 2012, Nick, Steven and the rest of the Tree Elves spread good tidings throughout Atlanta, and also learned a great deal. The rather un-elfish looking brothers are back at it this year with better trees, better service and a real goal: to ever so slightly change Christmas in the city they call home and bring unexpected moments of happiness to all.


Want to become an Elf?

Click the link below to fill out our Atlanta 2022 jobs application! All positions start at $15/hr and Elves with their own truck, large van or trailer can pick up Christmas tree delivery shifts which start at $25/hr!