• Should I order a tree from you crazy elves?
Whoa, a deeply personal question right off the bat— but a good one. We love spreading joy, be it with our pops in the summer or our trees in the winter. We also believe that our trees have more character than the ones you find at the big box because they are delivered to your door by our "Elves."
However, this is a two-way transaction. We will deliver your tree on time and with Christmas cheer, and do everything else in our power to make you happy with your Christmas companion. For your part, we ask that you be home when our elves knock on your door and that you're ready to take delivery during your chosen time as well as having your tree or stand ready for your pick up in the New Year.
  • What areas do you deliver to?
In 2022, Elves are delivering throughout most of Atlanta and in some parts just North of the perimeter. You can check by adding your zip after you've added a tree to your cart! 
    • When can I get my tree delivered?

    Our delivery schedule runs from Thursday 11/17 through Thursday 12/15. Delivery time slots vary by location and day of the week, just type in your address on the cart page to see what's still available.
    • What if I just want to pick the tree up?

    Skip the delivery fees and come see us at the King of Pops HQ at 552 Decatur St SE, Atlanta GA 30312. We have a larger variety of sizes, prices and even a holiday bar!
    • Where do the trees come from?

    Our trees are grown across the mountains of North Carolina, mostly in the West Jefferson area. These mountainsides are the best environment in the world for Fraser firs to thrive!
    • Okay, so what type of tree is it?

    They are called Fraser Firs and they are beautiful! Frasers have great needle retention, a nice fresh-cut aroma and a deep green color. We only deliver the finest trees (Super Premium Grade!) our farmer has to offer, and the trees have full, sturdy limbs that will hold ornaments nicely. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraser_fir
    • Will the tree shed?

    Fraser Firs do not lose too many needles, and lose even less when they are out of direct sunlight and dry heat and have PLENTY OF WATER to drink.
    • How do I take care of the tree?

    It's easy, we will deliver your tree with written instructions and our elves will make sure you understand the basics while onsite. In fact, here's exactly what that care sheet looks like! With this handy-dandy card, you can ensure that your tree stays fresh and beautiful, and you have a safe holiday!
    care card
    • Do you deliver to businesses?

    Yes, Tree Elves is a great/easy way to add a little holiday cheer to your office no matter what industry or what building. Send us an email if you need a truly giant tree!
    • Do you deliver to apartments and high rises?

    Yes! We will make arrangements to deliver to anyone within our delivery area.
    • What if I'm not at home when you try to deliver?

    If you can’t be home to receive your tree, you can leave a note to have us leave the tree on your porch or next to the front door when you checkout.
    However, if you are not home and live in a place like an apartment or condo where we cannot find a safe place for the tree, we will contact you to reschedule. Re-delivery fee will apply.
    • How tall is my tree?
    Trees come in size ranges from 5-9 feet tall. Our trees are measured before they receive a fresh cut, usually about an inch off of the trunk, and are measured from bottom of truck to top of the tree's crown (the point at the top). It's important to note that these are not manufactured items so an exact size cannot be committed to, but at worst your tree will be a few inches too tall (nothing our elves can't fix with a trusty handsaw).
    • Does the tree come in a stand?
    It does if you'd like! Rent a stand from us and our elves will even get your tree safely secured and perfectly straight. Then they will bring it inside and set it wherever you ask! Stand rental is the only way to have our elves fully install your tree, otherwise it will be left on your doorstep.
    • Where does my tree go when the elves pick it up?
    After our elves pick up your tree we transport it to a recycling center for you! Your tree is then chipped and used in Georgia parks and public places.
    • Do elves eat King of Pops?
    Yes, obviously, but they prefer a plate of cookies to bring to Mr. and Mrs. Claus.
    • Is Santa Claus real?
    Yes, obviously, why even ask!

      Want to become an Elf?

      Click the link below to fill out our Atlanta 2022 jobs application! All positions start at $15/hr and Elves with their own truck, large van or trailer can pick up Christmas tree delivery shifts which start at $25/hr!